Monday, December 10, 2012

Assited needed for Families in need 2012


My name is Olivia and yes I am the owner of this blog. I am writing today to try and get assistance with helping some families this holiday season. I have about 4 families and they are as follows.

 This family name is not being disclosed as this young lady was in a domestic abusive relationship and ran from her abuser and for this reason she has nothing for her children at all. She needs everything!!!
Girl is 2 and wears size 24 months and she like babies, elmo and anything that makes noise or has lights
Boy is 3 and wears size 2-3t and loves spiderman,elmo and cars and books mom says he loves to sit and look at books
Girl is 7 and is a size 12 and loves arts and crafts, monster high dolls, books, barbies,
Boy is 10 and is a size 14/16 and loves football, christian rap, art supplies, nerf things
Yes they are truely struggling they also are in need of food and blankets moms hours just got cut down as of monday

Moore Family

Stephon a 6yr old boy who likes spiderman and batman
Briauna a 4 year old girl who likes dolls, and princesses
Gabrielle a 3 year old girl who likes dora and dolls
Terisa a 1 year old girl educational toys

Sullivan Family

Ashley a 15 year old girl who likes makeup and Marches perfume or anything from sephora
Morgan a 11 year old girl who likes books (border gift card is perfect for her)
Rickey a 8 year old boy who likes cars, nerf stuff
Sidney a 3 year old girl who likes spongebob and playdoh
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Stockon Family

Madison a 7 year old girl who likes cooking toys and dolls
Michael a 6 year old boy who likes transformers

I created a wish list below to help these families as I have tapped out all my funds but I daily rewards and get amazon gift cards so as I get them I will be getting stuff the wish list. I use to get daily amazon gift codes.


Families Wish List

Here are the websites:

Walmart wish list 

and here is my website all sales from this month are going to the families: 

I hope you can assist and also please pass along to others. 

I appreciate it and God Bless!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Jewelry Give Away- Pink Hello Kitty Necklace

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Holiday Shopping ARE YOU READY?

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Use the information below and you also can be getting free walmart gift cards, target gift cards, amazon, paypal and so much more.

You can click the link below or you can copy and paste.

Okay on irazoo and swagbucks they have a search engine you can use. I use it and this is how I get most of my points with them.

For all of them I go in and check each one. Example: superpoints I do the wheel throughout the day until my spins are gone for the day.
Secrets for all of them:
 I then look through and see if any free videos to watch and if so I watch them all. I then see anything with free zip code submit or free anything and do them. Around the holidays I may purchase something if I see something I want to give to family members to get more points.

Very easy and simple and you will rack up easily. If you have any questions then contact me directly.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jewelry Flash Sale you may even get free Jewelry.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

thredup children clothing FREEEEEE

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Friday, August 17, 2012