Friday, November 2, 2012

Holiday Shopping ARE YOU READY?

It is NOVEMBER and the holidays are right around the corner so join FREE stuff today and GET FREE STUFF just for doing simple task.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and I am going to prepared to decorate my house and have all presents ready. I am going to do all this for FREE this year just like I did last year. You don't have to do them all but choose the best one for you. I love superpoints, swagbucks, instagc the most. But you choose what is best for you. I suggest you go to each one see what you can redeem for and pick the best one for you.

Use the information below and you also can be getting free walmart gift cards, target gift cards, amazon, paypal and so much more.

You can click the link below or you can copy and paste.

Okay on irazoo and swagbucks they have a search engine you can use. I use it and this is how I get most of my points with them.

For all of them I go in and check each one. Example: superpoints I do the wheel throughout the day until my spins are gone for the day.
Secrets for all of them:
 I then look through and see if any free videos to watch and if so I watch them all. I then see anything with free zip code submit or free anything and do them. Around the holidays I may purchase something if I see something I want to give to family members to get more points.

Very easy and simple and you will rack up easily. If you have any questions then contact me directly.

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