Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hangover 2 The Movie

Well let me began by saying this movie is SO DAMN FUNNY!! If you saw Hangover 1 you can only imagine the stupidity of these idiots on Hangover 2

Okay so my fiance and I were in the house on this cold saturday day in Philadelphia, PA. We decided a comedy would be in order so Hangover 2 won the title for the comedy today. 

Hangover 2 is about 4 guys or the pack the fat jolly guy likes to call them. They are always getting in trouble when the 4 of them are together. Well just like Hangover 1 there is a wedding involved, beer, drugs, sex, and of course some fighting. You will see some faces from the first movie. 

The movie is very funny and has you laughing almost throughout the whole thing. I would suggest to go rent it, buy it or do whatever you gotta do to see the movie. 

Here is the trailer for Hangover 2:

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