Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Miller Family in Need of Prayer and More

A young lady and her 3 children have been in a hotel for over a week. They finally went into their apartment today and noticed water damage on everything. She is in need of everything for herself and her children.
She does not have internet access so I am putting this together for her. If you decide to do this all items will go directly to her.
God Bless and Prayers are always needed. I know her personally attended High School with her.

Reece is a 15 month old little boy wearing a size 24 months.

Barbara is a 9 year old little girl wearing a size 12 junior or medium

BJ is a 12 year old little boy wearing a size large (Men), 36x34

Tima is a 36 year old woman wearing a size 16 (XL) in womens

They are in need of clothes this includes sock and underware, food, blankets, actitivies, toys and even coats for the winter coming up.

Reece needs diapers and wipes and he is a size 5 in diapers.

I made this wish list so that maybe someone can help her and her family. I can only do some much and ask others to help as much as they can and possibly pass this on to others.

If you have used but good condition items she can use them to.

Email me for my address and I will get them to her. She could really use a care package.

My email is sbject it: Help Tima and Family!

Thank you and God Bless for even reading this.

Oh please please remember to keep her and her family in prayer.

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