Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New $2.00 MP3 download credit

Come on over to Free Amazon MP3 Credit all you have to do is link your twitter account to your account.You will get $2.00 in your MP3 account. It is simple and easy. You can start downloading some of the hottest music for free.

I downloaded A PRINCE ALBUM for only $2.99 I saved up my credits. LOL (freebie alreat also download certain apps off amazon and you get $1.00 amazon credit. So add what you get today $2.00 and the $1.00 and you can buy this album also.  Oh did I mention this CD has 28 Songs on it. Mostly all his biggest hits including my favorite Diamonds and Pearls.

Have fun live a little and get free things.

God Bless and remember to SMILE!

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